Fajitas Restaurant

Welcome to Made 21! Located in the heart of Brooklyn at 231 S 4th St, we bring a zest-filled fiesta straight to your plate. 

Dive into the world of authentic, sizzling fajitas in an ambiance that’s just as vibrant and inviting.

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🔥 Why Made 21's Fajitas? 🔥

  • Authenticity: Experience the genuine flavors of Mexico with every bite. Each fajita is crafted with passion and tradition, infusing age-old recipes with contemporary flair.
  • Sizzle & Spectacle: Your fajitas aren’t just a meal; they’re a show! Revel in the magic as they sizzle their way to your table, teasing your senses and promising a feast to remember.
  • Fresh & Fiery: Our ingredients are sourced daily, ensuring every bite bursts freshness and flavor. Whether you like it spicy or subtle, we’ve got your palate covered.

🎉 A Culinary Celebration! 🎉

hen you step into Made 21, you’re not just entering a restaurant – you’re stepping into a celebration. The vibrant décor, the rhythmic beats, and our friendly staff all come together to create an atmosphere that’s as warm and welcoming as the dishes we serve.

🌮 More Than Just Fajitas 🌮

While our fajitas are the star of the show, our menu boasts a variety of other Mexican favorites. From tantalizing tacos to exquisite enchiladas, there’s something for every kind of Mexican food lover.

🍹 Pair It Up! 🍹

A meal at Made 21 is incomplete without our signature drinks. Sip on our refreshing margaritas or delve into our curated collection of tequilas. Each drink is crafted to complement your fajitas perfectly.

🎈 Join the Fiesta at Made 21! 🎈

So, Brooklynites, next time you’re craving a gastronomic adventure, remember the sizzling fajitas of Made 21 await! We’re excited to serve you and make every visit a memory you’d want to relive.

Drop by at 231 S 4th St, Brooklyn, NY 11211. Your table at Brooklyn’s finest fajitas hub is waiting. Let the fiesta begin!

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